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Fox And Friends And Judy Miller

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A tipster wrote us from bed this morning at the sexy hour of 8:21 am to share some sexy morning TV news with us: Judy Miller on "Fox & Friends," talkin' terrorism. Woot woot! Okay, we'll stop with the sexy party imagery now, it's maybe not that appropriate. But it is Fox. In any case, Miller was on to discuss her recent article in City Journal on how New York and LA are fighting terrorism (well!), the glories of Homeland Security, and — wait for it — the possibility of an Al Qaeda cell in Hollywood. Here's our tipster's dispatch:

After shilling for neocons, Judy Miller is now a fully certified member of the tribe. The disgraced New York Times reporter has been tapping out some freelance pieces for The Wall Street Journal op-ed page since her, um, departure from the Times, including one with the excitable claim that U.S. intelligence had underestimated Libya's nuclear progress before his agreement to dismantle his WMD program. Now, Miller, who loves to believe what her sources tell her, has a breathless account in the new City Journal, the organ of the Manhattan Institute, about what a great job New York and Los Angeles are doing to prevent terrorism. She was even on "Fox & Friends" this morning touting her work. We don't know if Miller is right about NYC and LA; even a broken clock is right twice a day and Ray Kelly and Bill Bratton seem like fine police chiefs. But any time Miller is breathlessly puffing her government sources in the war on terror how can you not be nervous? Incredibly, there was even a sidebar, "Al Qaeda in Hollywood?"

Is it just us, or does the whole "Al Qaeda in Hollywood" thing sound like a potentially hilarious sitcom? Bumbling through parties, getting distracted by the glamour, bedding starlets and being stunned to find they're not virgins, thumbing through the Koran frantically each time they meet a Jew...that sort of thing. Hijinks ensue!