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Harry Shearer's Two Years of New Orleans Coverage

Harry Shearer has been writing about Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans and the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast for The Huffington Post since the day the storm first hit the Crescent City and South Mississippi. As the nation marks the second anniversary of the storm's passage across the Gulf Coast, The Huffington Post has assembled Shearer's observations in one post, so our readers can revisit his observations on New Orleans and the recovery effort.

-- Links assembled by Huffington Post editorial intern Nicholas Graham

Katrina and the Waves Of Fear

This Really Just In...

Nagin's Charge Denied...

Gov. Blanco Chimes In

Fantasy Assignment Desk--Katrina

The Sandbag Story, Cont.

Budgets Are Soooo Boring

Manning the Breach

Flowers in the Flood

Five Little Words

N.O Jail Rumors Denied

Martial Law in N.O.

Sandbags? Not Yet

It's Still Not Just New Orleans

Restore or Rebuild?

Another Cute Comparison

The Guard Was There

Does Anybody Care About Slidell?

"I'm Tired of Being Diplomatic"

Shuffling the Race Card

The New Newsman Needs a Map

The Corps to the Fore

Good Comeback

Mad Libs

Newspaper of (Broken) Record

Just Noticing...

The Numbers Game

A Paean to Print

Floodwalls, C.S.I.

Brownie: Still a Heck of a Job

Still Trying to Nail it Down

Another Brick in the Floodwall

Not So Natural a Disaster

"They Can't Tie Their Shoes Straight"

Where the Facts Lead, Does the Checkbook Follow?

Not Enough Navel Gazing

The Future of New Orleans

Never Too Busy to Spin

"This Could Never Work"

"60" vs. New Orleans?

Louisiana vs. "60"

"What is New Orleans Worth?"

The National View, and the Local

New Orleans--a Tale of Two Companies

Required Reading on New Orleans

The Hole in the Narrative

Costliest Engineering Mistake in American History

Oh, Yeah, NPR's Different

The Corps Clears Part of Its Name

Never Too Late

CSI New Orleans

Picking on Kerry, Again

Maybe We Should Organize a J-Tour

Half-Burying the Lede

FEMA--The Rest of the Story

The Next Best Thing to Covering the News

Katrina's Smoking Gun Appears--Does Anybody Notice?

What Was in Nagin's Noggin?

Nagin--The Last Word?

What's the Road to Hell Paved With?

Goodbye, A.C., Brian's Back in Town

What Brian Isn't Reporting

Tow Out of Three Ain't Bad

Just Leave Out the Newsy Part, Brian

Just in Case You Missed It

Crunching Katrina

What Kind of Carnival?

A Carnival Diary, Part One

Carnival Diary, Part Two

Don't Be Corrupt, Leave That to Us

Correcting the Record, Again

Carnival Diary, Part Three

The Tip of the FEMA-berg

More Corps Follies

Carnival Diary, Part Four

Carnival Diary, Part Five

Carnival Diary, Part Six

More Vanilla, Less Chocolate

Carnival Diary, Part Seven

They Don't Get It, Continued

Carnival Diary, Part Eight

Carnival Diary, Part Nine

New Orleans: The View From Mid-City

Fantasy Assignment Desk--the Federal Katrina Money

Where the Money Went--A Followup

Where the Katrina Money Went, Cont.

The Last Word on the Levees--Maybe

Two Different Worlds

And a Third Different World

The Red Cross, Busted

Anybody Covering Why NO Can't Rebuild?

New Orleans: Another Witness

The Nation Goes to the Crescent City

The City Laughs at Its Problems, Cont.

Covering the NO Mayor's Race, One Kook at a Time

Rotten at the Corps

A Jazzfest Diary, Part One

Suing the Corps

A Jazzfest Diary, Part Two

A Jazzfest Diary, Part Three

A Jazzfest Diary, Part Four

A Jazzfest Diary, Part Five

Cornering the Corps

A Surprise a Day

Two Surprises a Day

A Jazzfest Diary, Part Six

Holding Up a Cracked Mirror

An ACE Up Their Sleeve

Ready For the Next One?

Someone Else Notices That the Corps Is Rotten

Dr. Seed Plants One on the Corps

NYT Says Levees Are Front-Page News, as Long as It's Good News

Whaddaya Know? A Big Corps Oops.

A Week on the Brink

The Corps Report: Was Lack of Media Strategy the Strategy?

Left, Right, and Nowhere

Reasons to Trust the Corps, Cont.

Americans Have Hearts and Minds, Too

Why Didn't They Think of This Last Year?

HUD Drops the Third Shoe

A New Orleans Diary, Part One

A New Orleans Diary, Part Two

Not Getting Quite as Much Attention as the Fraud...

A New Orleans Diary, Part Three

A New Orleans Diary, Part Four

A New Orleans Diary, Part Five

Keeping Anderson Honest

The Corps: Forced to Back Away?

It's Now Embedded as MSM Wisdom...

What Do You Mean, You Don't Need Your Trailer Any More?

The State of the Hurricane-Warming Debate

Yes, You Can Sue the Corps--Twice

Why Wasn't Brad Pitt Prepared?

Don't Call FEMA in a disaster, Call USDA

Remember New Orleans?

New Orleans: Not Waiting for the Plan

New Orleans--the Books You Should and Shouldn't Read

New Orleans: A Journalist Becomes the Story

More Irony Than You Can Stand

FEMA to new Orleans: Shrink This

Finished? It's Just Starting

New Orleans--Bush Minimizes the Anniversary

Reasons to Trust the Corps, Continued

Levees Fail. Stuff Happens.

Katrina: Something Besides Emotion

Hard Habit to Break

New Orleans--Trying Not to Look Back

Mr. President, Can We Count the Dead, Please?

A Portrait of New Orleans, One Year On

A New Orleans Diary, Year Two

A Katrina Metric

A New Orleans Diary--Saints Day

The Corps Scores Again

Why Can't the New Orleanians in Houston, Atlanta, etc. Come Home?

New Orleans: Misplaced Priorities?

New Orleans: A Call for Volunteers

New Orleans: the Feds Drowneth and Then Taketh Away

A Democratic Post-Katrina Agenda? Maybe

New Orleans: A Columnist Faces the Abyss

Rand--Studying Everywhere but Here

The Corps Report: Take Two?

An Election Post-partum--What A Dem Agenda Should Include

New Orleans News: We Sit on It Till It Hatches

A New Orleans Diary--The Blues Come Home

The Road Leads Where?

The Corps Concedes Without Conceding

New Orleans: The Stories Buried by Christmas

Edwards Uses New Orleans as a Backdrop

New Orleans: the Numbers Tell the Story

A New Orleans Dispatch--the Dark and the Light

Covering a Story the 21st Century Way

Reasons to Love Joe Lieberman, Cont.

Sea Level Wasn't the Problem

Dig a Little Deeper Now

The T-P Digs Where the WSJ Didn't

You Mean USA Today Gets It Wrong, Too?

Brian in New Orleans--Mainly Pluses

Clearing the Growth--and the Record

A New Orleans Diary--the Two Faces of Carnival

Calling Out the Dems on New Orleans

New Orleans: Guess the Motive

A New Orleans Diary--In the Rest of the Country, It Was Tuesday

In the Rest of the Country, It Was Tuesday--Part Two

Next Time a Levee Breaks, Be a Veteran

Hurricane Newt Blows In

The Times-Picayune Predicts the Future, Again

"How Are Things Down There?"

The Corps Is Found Guilty, Again. And Again.

Some Good News From New Orleans--A Blog to Cherish

The Corps: Slipping and Sliding in Sacramento

All the News That Fits--Eventually

Proof: Bush Is Worse Than Nagin

Bad News in New Orleans: the Corps Says "Trust Us" Again

A New Orleans Landmark Moment

New Orleans: "A Lot of People Want to Come Home"

New Orleans Diary: Catching Up

The Template Dies Hard

How's New Orleans Doing? Some Facts

How to Torture New Orleans: the Road Home Program

Keeping "Keeping Them Honest" Honest

How About Keeping This Honest?

Thanks for the Lip Service

It's Accountability If We Like It, Finger-Pointing If We Don't

First Question: Is It the Good Kind of Sloughing?

What Keeps New Orleanians From Seceding

New Orleans: the Health Care Story

New Orleans: the Anniversary Stories Begin

"Too Many Weak Links"

Suggested Homework for Dem Committee Chairmen

Why New Orleanians Feel Nervous

The Feds Won't Let Us

So Visiting Isn't Enough

An Aha! Moment

New Orleans' Medical Crisis, and the Solution

The Flooding Didn't Destroy Enough Houses

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