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Fashionista, Journalista: The Line Blurs During Fashion Week

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2007-09-07-FashionWeek.jpgI wish that headline referred to the dazzling whirl of my social life this week, being squired by shirtless male models serving me champagne from a Jimmy Choo, but alas — I wore white after Labor Day and all my invitations were rescinded. Luckily, our crack HuffPo team is on it, attending shows and wearing any color other than white, which technically isn't a color, anyway and it's not like it's NOVEMBER for God's sake! But anyway. Our Living Now section is currently rocking some sweet fashion slideshows, thanks to our Bryant Park-haunting Living Now editor Anya Strzemien, plus some ace liveblogging which will keep us all abreast of Nigel Barker sightings (insert your own fantasies about Nigel Barker and a breast, either one will do, really, he's quite fetching). We've also got clutch dispatches from roving reporters like airily-opinionated style maven Lesley Blume, who accessorizes her encomia to Vogue's fashion pages with refs to Diana Vreeland and Susan Sontag, and fashionista-watcher Verena von Pfetten, who really wouldn't need much more of a qualification sweeping into a show than the name "Verena von Pfetten," but as it happens, she knows that all belts are not created equal, dammit. Finally, we've got party dispatches from ETP Girl Friday Glynnis MacNicol, whose hair usually gets her past the sniffy dude with the clipboard. We are currently waiting on her report from last night's Alexander Wang party. No, of course there will be no "wang" jokes. We are professionals.

Upshot: Watch this space (well, this space) for Fashion Week updates, because we know people who know people, and those people might be able to get our names on some lists. In the meantime, re: that headline — yeah, sorry, that was sort of like entrapment, but ETP has a wide stance and dammit, we're proud to have our toe in this stall. Hi, Anna Wintour! I know you're reading this!

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