How Male Nudity Has Gone Mainstream In Movies, Theater And On TV

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In one of the many (many) startling scenes in the new HBO drama Tell Me You Love Me, which debuted Sunday night, a young, attractive married couple sit side by side on a sofa, watching a boxing match on TV. The wife unbuckles her husband's pants, and after some noisy kissing, she pulls away and says, "I want to see it." She sees it and--holy cow--so do we.

Over the past few months, the breathy buzz on the show--about married and almost-married couples in various stages of intimacy-related despair and dishabille--has centered on the amount of its frank sexual content. And it was there all right--from minute two, when a man masturbates under the covers, to real-time full-monty couplings, to angelic, white-haired Jane Alexander kissing meaningfully down her husband's graying chest.

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