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Chyron Watch: FNC's "Darth Greenspan"

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2007-09-18-DarthGreenspan.JPGHere's a fun grab from "Fox & Friends" this morning: Overlaid by strains of the Imperial March, the gang showed a slow-mo vid of Alan Greenspan walking through steam, a terrifying and threatening presence: "Alan Greenspan, lobbing bombs at the Bush administration, and Democrats, for their handling of the economy." Yes! In the last seven years, the Democrats have really let go of the purse strings! And by golly they HATE this book! Still, a fun way to introduce the segment, especially since Steve Doocy sounds so much like James Earl Jones. Does that make Brian Kilmeade an Ewok? Aw! Fuzzy lil' thing!

Alan Greenspan Bashes President Bush in New Book [Fox News]

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