10/15/2007 11:28 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

A New Sort of Campaign Journalism is Possible

A new sort of campaign journalism is possible. We're doing it today right here on The Huffington Post. Check out our coast-to-coast door-to-door coverage of the Obama campaign and the surprising results we came up with.

Having tired of the same-old, same-old platitudes, bromides and conventional wisdom cooked up inside the campaign media buses, we simply clambered Off The Bus -- the name of our innovative way to do things differently.

Over this past weekend we sent out two dozen citizen journalists to 14 different cities in nine different states, from California to New Hampshire. Their goal: to report back on what they saw at individual Barack Obama campaign Canvass for Change events.

Within hours we collated and edited their reports. We then turned them over to a couple of our top citizen correspondents and writer Mayhill Fowler put together the final piece.

Our network of correspondents found a number of stories that otherwise were buried under mounds of conventional wisdom. They found a Democratic electorate more undecided than polls suggest. And voters perhaps more fired up about rising medical prices than surging troops levels.

Mostly they found that, together, we can re-invent journalism. If you help, that is. Here's how you can join us a campaign monitor. See you Off The Bus.

As our co-founder Jay Rosen says: "Journalists are increasingly realizing that while they can't be everywhere at once, they can be a lot of places at once by calling on a network of citizen contributors for help. That's what we did here. "