03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Drew Carey Debuts On "The Price Is Right"

Drew Carey got through his first morning as new host of CBS's "The Price Is Right" without, as they say, "incident." Actually, a little incident might have helped. For all the hype surrounding Carey's selection as host, his debut in the role yesterday was conspicuously lacking a sense of event.

It could have been any old day's edition of the popular game show, replete with the same old tacky graphics at the outset; many an American 12-year-old could do a more sophisticated and artful job on their home computers. The big difference on this day of days was, of course, that Carey occupied the spot owned for 35 years by the likable and oddly dignified Bob Barker, the James Bond of game show hosts. Barker brought a suave, urbane authority to the job. He always seemed a little too good for the gig, whereas Carey, even though he previously starred in his own prime-time sitcom, comes across as being just good enough.

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