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Tila Tequila: How A MySpace Personality Became A Media Star

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TILA TEQUILA turned 26 on Wednesday, and the reader is advised to do whatever is necessary to forget that useless fact. Wipe it, as the metaphor goes, from the hard drive. Try also to obliterate the knowledge that Tequila is not, oddly enough, her real name (Nguyen is); that she is what Wikipedia -- in an entry only slightly less extensive than that on Sigrid Undset, the Norwegian novelist and 1928 Nobel laureate for literature -- refers to as an "American glamour model"; that she is a former performer on the Fuse cable TV show called "Pants-Off Dance-Off"; that she is the centerpiece of a hit MTV television series "A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila," which made its debut early on Oct. 9 and was immediately, as the Hollywood Reporter noted, No. 1 in its time period in the network's target demographic of people 18 to 34; and that the signal reason for this breakout success may also be the basis for Ms. Tequila's unconventional fame, her boast that she has 1,771,920 MySpace friends.

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