03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Obama And Hillary Square Off During Dem Debate


I think this has been the most hyped fight since Rocky fought Apollo Creed, although the amazing thing is that I'm Rocky in this situation. But, look, we have big challenges -- we're at war, the country is struggling with issues like rising health care, we've got major global challenges like climate change, and that's gonna require big meaningful change.

And I'm running for president because I think that the way to bring about that change is to offer some sharp contrasts with the other party. I think it means we bring people together to get things done. I think it means we push against the special interests that are holding us back. And most importantly, I think it requires us to be honest about the challenges we face. It does not mean changing our positions whenever it's politically convenient...

Clinton responds:

I don't think the Republicans got the message that I'm voting and sounding like them. If you watch their debate last week, I seem to be the topic of great conversation and consternation, and that's for a reason, because I have stood against George Bush and his failed policies. They want to continue the war in Iraq, I want to end it. The Republicans are waving their sabers and going after Iran, I want to prevent a rush to war.

On every issue from health care for children to an energy policy that puts us on the right track to deal with climate change and make us more secure, I have been standing against the Republicans, George Bush and Dick Cheney, and I think Democrats know that.

Watch the face-off: