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Tom Brokaw Talks 1967 With Regis And Kelly: There's Something Going On Out Here...It's Called "The Summer Of Love"

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In case funnyman/newsman Brian Williams makes you long for the traditional, buttoned-up anchorman of yore, we bring you this clip from today's Live with Regis and Kelly. Tom Brokaw was on the program today discussing his book, Boom! Voices of the Sixties, which came out yesterday. He talked about stumbling upon San Francisco's legendary Haight Ashbury district, a hippie hotspot, in 1967 and likened it to "going into the bar scene during Star Wars." He also described young women walking up to him on the street and offering tabs of acid, to which Kelly made an interesting groan of assent, perhaps reminiscent of the times she'd been offered acid or perhaps just the noise she makes when she craves something. Either way, Tom is at his squarest, or most lovable, depending on how you look at it, when describing the way he called the Today Show to describe what was going on: "I called the Today Show and said [incredulously], 'There's something going on out here. It's called...The Summer of Love.'"

Judge for yourself:

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