03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Rainy Days and Mondays: Hello, Cleveland!

Sometimes we like to title our posts with song and movie references that force our readers to guess at what the hell we mean. Tonight, we went double or nothing and picked two. But anyone watching "NBC Nightly News" would know exactly what we meant, since tonight Brian Williams broadcast from Cleveland, where it started out with a light drizzle in the background and steadily increased to a downpour as the half-hour wore on. It was sort of nice, the steady pitter-patter of the rain, like one of them ambient sleep-sounds CDs lightly playing under the broadcast, perhaps to lull it's upper-demo audience into a pleasantly somnolent state, if indeed they needed much help. We're not sure where BriWi was standing, other than somewhere very open, but the rain it was a-pourin' and at one point there was even a flash of lightning. Live TV, people! It doesn't get more real than that, especially when BriWi shifts to his right to make way for the graphic that isn't actually beside him. TV people are clever with their graphics n' things.

Anyhow! That alone wouldn't reeeaaally be news — we're not meteorologists, dear reader, even though we do try our best to be sunny — and we probably couldn't even justify it based on Spinal Tap alone, but something did catch our notice via TVNewser: A bit from article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer about Williams' visit:

"Williams is expected to broadcast from Stonebridge Apartments in the Flats. The Downtown Cleveland Partnership is asking offices to keep their lights on after work Monday for a more-dramatic view of the city."

You can judge for yourself how dramatic the city looked. In the meantime, remember kids: Green is Universal!

p.s. "Stonebridge" sounds a lot like "Stonehenge." Coincidence? Ask a dancing dwarf!

Update: NBC News has clarified that they did not request the lighting effects referred to above, that was all the Downtown Cleveland Partnership's doing. Way to go, Downtown Cleveland Partnership. Why don't you just go kill a whale while you're at it? Sheesh.