03/28/2008 02:45 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Simon Doonan, Ace Reporter

We always enjoy the musings of the New York Observer's Simon Doonan, but today's outing on how the offspring of celebrities are taking all the glam media jobs caught my eye, specifically this nugget:

I understand that Tom Hanks' daughter, Liz, is currently working at Vanity Fair, celeb spawn central... I look forward to sipping eggnog with her at some upcoming holiday fete.

Well! This was news to me, since I've been looking at Liz's pretty face at HuffPo central for the last eight months. I could have sworn she'd left Vanity Fair in March...but, gosh, how did that square with what Doonan had been "told?" I decided that the only way to really know the truth was to ask her:

RACHEL: Liz, do you work at the Huffington Post?
LIZ: Yes.

Whew! Thank god we cleared that up. So, to clarify: Liz Hanks is currently taking up one of the glam media jobs at HuffPo, a site which she notes "has no ties to celebrities whatsoever." Alec Baldwin, call me! In other news, Liz is currently accepting all offers of eggnog. 'Tis the season!

Update: The photo evidence is in! Thanks to Gawker, Liz was able to ID Doonan as the guy who stood next to her for an hour at last night's New York Look party. Dude, you so owe her an egg nog.

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