Novak "Scandal": Not Much Ado, Even About The Ado

03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

So Bob Novak had word that the Clinton camp had "scandalous information" on Barack Obama yesterday. Did you hear about it? Did you care? Of course you didn't! You have a life! Which is more than one can say for the worn-out and dessicated husk that remains of Bob Novak and his reporting career. Joe Klein has a nicer way of putting this, of course, saying that Novak "is getting too old to do the actual legwork long-associated with his column (and respected even by those of us who find his views reprehensible) or (b) he has simply abandoned all pretense of being a journalist." To which we respond: "Or?"

Anyway, if you want to read the essential blow-by-blow, The Page's summary coverage is probably the best way to get it - if only because you can appreciate it for the existential farce that it was, with people getting all bent out of shape over something that turned out to be not something. The "it" turns out to be no more tangible that whatever was in the briefcase in Pulp Fiction or in the back of the Chevy Malibu in Repo Man.

This Novakian MacGuffin got scant mention on any of this morning's shows. Meet The Press made passing mention of it. Of course, Mark Halperin, as is his wont, attempted to divine some Large Statement from all of this:

HALPERIN'S TAKE: "There is more of this kind of thing on the way. Obama, apparently, is prepared to take it all on. And so is Clinton."

I know, I know. You sort of want to say, "No s#%t, Sherlock!" Like always. But it's possible that this seemingly empty statement takes on some sort of captivating and trenchant dimension when you view it on The Page, itself, where it's centered on the page and presented in TWO DIFFERENT COLORS!

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