Enter Snowman: YouTube Debate Looms For GOP

03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Washington Post has been combing through the submitted questions for tomorrow's CNN/YouTube debate, and it finds one of the toughest questions could be one of the shortest: "What does the word 'Republican' mean to you?" "The period for submitting questions via YouTube video ended yesterday, and almost 5,000 were offered up as fodder for the debate. The videos are as diverse as the questioners themselves, coming from all ages and backgrounds, and from Republicans and Democrats alike. In one, a black woman from Dallas, soon to be out of college and lamenting that she needs to learn Spanish to secure a job, asks how the candidates feel about non-English-speaking immigrants. In another, a middle-age man from Tucson, sitting in his wheelchair, asks about stem cell research. A gay Republican from Atlanta asks: "How can we make the Republican Party a more large, open tent?"

The New York Times adds that the GOP CNN/YouTube debate was postponed in summer in part because one of the candidates, Mitt Romney, thought the Democratic debate was demeaned when CNN showed a video of an animated snowman asking a question about global warming. Mr. Romney eventually relented. A new snowman video has been submitted for the Republicans. Will it be shown? 'Tune in and see,' said David Bohrman, CNN's Washington bureau chief and executive producer of the debate."

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