Massive Crowd For Edwards-Mellancamp Rally; Elizabeth Praises John's Looks

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Last night, another star took to the stage to croon the audience at the Val Air Ballroom, although instead of performing for Mike Huckabee supporters, the room was filled with John Edwards and John Mellencamp fans, Politico's Aoife McCarthy reports. Some old favorites were interjected with some of Edwards' message before Mellencamp introduced the whole Edwards brood to a chorus of "This Is Our Country." The hall was packed, making Huckabee's event the previous night at the same venue look like half the size. One campaign worker told us they were reaching the venue's 3,000 capacity for the ticketed event, and they had the Edwards signs throughout the audience to add to the grandeur. Elizabeth Edwards thanked "the incomparable John Mellencamp" before joining some boldfaced names to the stage, including Jean Smart, Madeline Stow, and Jamie Denton. Of course she also introduced her husband, calling him, "one of the most optimistic human beings" she has ever met, and "he still looks like he looked 30 years ago." That of course was met with a roar of laughter from the audience. Edwards of course returned the sentiment. "Thank you to the love of my life for 30 years. She'll make a great First Lady.

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