Chavez Lets Loose In Naomi Campbell's GQ Interview: Bush "Completely Crazy," Castro "The Most Stylish World Leader"

03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

What Naomi Campbell wants, she generally gets. The supermodel has a reputation for being one of the fashion world's most demanding icons.

So it is perhaps not surprising that such grit and worldwide fame has landed the Streatham-born model, 37, with a prize job at the men's magazine GQ - involving interviewing world leaders, fellow celebrity A-listers and global sporting stars. Or, for that matter, that Campbell's first scoop is a one-on-one audience with the controversial Venezuelan leader, Hugo Chavez.

In the interview, doubtless about to be dubbed "beauty meets the beast" by US Republicans, Mr Chavez pulls no punches with his glamorous counterpart who manages to get him to answer a wide range of questions with all the rhetoric that has made the Venezuelan President both loved and reviled in equal measure. From describing the President George Bush as "completely crazy" to the Cuban President Fidel Castro as "the most stylish world leader", Mr Chavez has handed Campbell a scoop for a magazine where she now acts as a "contributing editor".


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