03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A Message To You, Rudy

We met 86-year old Giuliani supporter Jack Harms in the halls of the Radisson on Tuesday. He's pretty much Giuliani's dream voter: One big concern, and it rhymes with "schmerrorism." Though really he'd be anyone's dream voter: Smart, invested, professional, aware and with the perspective and wisdom of many years of watching these campaigns roll through his hometown. See his thoughts here:

One thing I will say about NH: It was most interesting to talk to older people about what their thoughts and concerns were. The burgeoning youth vote is one of the great stories of the campaign so far, and it's terrific that so many are motivated enough to come out like never before. But — as we've admonished the networks in this column from time to time — the young are not the only demographic, nor can they draw on the wisdom that comes from experience (just as those who are older can't un-learn the things they know to return to that stage of raw hope and idealism). Somewhere in that balance lies the right choice for the country — ergo, elections, or at least so the theory goes — but as I said above, it's been interesting to hear what people who have been around the political block have to say (like our friends from Dunkin' Donuts). The general consensus, not surprisingly: Experience mattered.

Either way, it was humbling and inspiring to talk to this 86-year old man, there with his wife working their way slowly up and down the hall, arm in arm, to find the Giuliani room, coming out to visibly stand for the candidate of their choice. It won't stop me from mocking the recipient of his vote, of course (Giuliani + Christmas sweater = just the beginning), but that doesn't affect the respect I have for the voter.