OMG! Results! Huckabee Takes West Virginia

03/28/2008 02:45 am 02:45:54 | Updated May 25, 2011

Tuesday just started getting Super, as the results in West Virginia have finally come in and the winner is Mike Huckabee! Though really, the "winner" is John McCain. West Virginia completed its first round of balloting without selecting a winner, though Mitt Romney led the round, with 41 percent of the vote to the Huck's 33 percent.

In the second round, however, Huckabee absorbed McCain's support and prevailed. According to Mark Halperin's political comic book, The Page, "There was talk of an agreement to throw McCain's support to Huckabee to keep Romney from a victory," which only adds fuel to the ire of Romney's supporters, who see Huckabee as a Veep-seeking Romney-busting "little sidekick." The next time you see Bay Buchanan on the teevee, expect apoplexy!

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