Severe Weather Mars Vote In Some States, Hampered Obama

03/28/2008 02:45 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Storms drew a line down the middle of the nation Tuesday, spawning tornadoes to the south, dumping snow to the north, and dropping heavy rain on parts of Ohio and Indiana still recovering from major floods months ago.

Twisters and severe storms killed at least four people and caused numerous injuries, and trapped students inside a collapsed university dorm.

The storm stretched across much of the nation's midsection from Texas to the Great Lakes on a day when voters in many states headed to polls for Super Tuesday primaries.

In Tennessee, a twister claimed a life in Fayette County. A dorm collapsed at Union University in Jackson when a tornado tore through the campus. Some 30 students were reportedly trapped, while 16 were injured.

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Washington Post: Tornadoes hurt Obama's chances in Tennessee:

The tornadoes that touched down in western Tennessee tonight hurt Sen. Barack Obama in the state, said the state's Democratic Party spokesman, Wade Munday. There were reports that Memphis precincts closed early, but Munday and the Memphis Commercial Appeal said election officials were encouraged to keep polls open and did. In Bartlett, a city in predominantly black Shelby County, precinct captains took ballots home after the polls closed to count them and avoid the inclement weather, Munday said.

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