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Stewart On Super Hump Day And Rove's Debut

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Last night was Super Hump Day on Jon Stewart's 'A Daily Show' as he dissected Super Tuesday coverage:

"You might be thinking that just the very nature of having to kill 6 hours dissecting 43 separate results that would ultimately lead to no resolution would be the very definition of tedium," says Stewart, "Well you, my friend, would be wrong."

Stewart breezed through clips of pundits and found his apotheosis in CNN's Amy Holmes. "One thing I would say about that that I think is interesting" says Holmes, sagely, "is that it's proof that voters like to vote for who they like." Responded Stewart, "I'm the same way with the foods I eat and the stuff I do!"

Networks also employed whatever high-tech graphics they could, and they assigned unusual colors to various candidates. "I only wish there was an easier way of distinguishing them by color," Stewart mused, in reference to Senators Clinton and Obama, "If only there was a system we could use for telling them apart somehow..."

Tuesday was also Karl Rove's debut as an expert on Fox's political team. True, CNN had an advantage with Anderson Cooper's "flying pie chart", but Fox now has their own "shape-shifting master of the dark arts."