03/28/2008 02:46 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Clinton: Now Is Texas' Chance To Make Up For Bush

Addressing a roaring crowd of thousands at the Historic Stockyards, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said Saturday that Texans have a chance to make up for giving America George W. Bush.

"Everyone has a right to come home, but we're just going to be happy when the moving van pulls away from the White House," Clinton said. "We need a president at Day One who can go into the Oval Office and start repairing the damage."

The crowd trickled in all morning past the metal detectors, but when Clinton approached the stage, many people were still stuck far away behind the barricades.

"I know all of you can't see me, and there are all these people we couldn't get in, but I see you," Clinton called out.

Those getting close to the stage area were wearing "Hillary for President" T-shirts and carrying signs with phrases such as "Give 'em Hill" and "The eyes of Texas are on Hillary."

"I used to say I never wanted a woman to be president, but that's one tough lady," said Genevieve Ruelas of Fort Worth, who said she was leaning toward voting for Clinton on Tuesday.

Both candidates have poured millions of dollars into campaigning across Texas, with TV and radio ads, phone banks and a slew of public appearances.

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