04/01/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bill Clinton: No Revotes Deliberate Attempt To Disenfranchise Voters

Former President Bill Clinton celebrated the Polish holiday Dingus Day in South Bend, IN this morning, rallying Hooisers around his wife Hillary's campaign. Clinton had strong words when talking about the decision not to hold new primaries in Michigan and Florida, saying the decision is "a deliberate attempt to disenfranchise" voters.

"I must say that this new strategy of denying and disempowering and disenfranchising the voters in Florida and Michigan is, I believe, a terrible mistake. Hillary believes their votes should be counted. And I don't know how we're gonna go to those people in the general election and say you gotta vote for us even though we dumped all over you in the primary," Clinton told a crowd at the Westside Democratic Club in South Bend.

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