04/01/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

How I Blew My Google Interview

Another form of web literature is emerging: stories of job applicants rejected by Google (GOOG). Google makes all applicants sign NDAs, of course--can't have future applicants boning up!--but unlike the standard Googleplex NDAs, these apparently don't bar tales of office furnishings, candy banquets, and interrogators who look like Chewbacca:

Corey Trager:

[B]y the day of the interview, I was emotionally unsettled. Where I really felt it was in the lobby of the Google office waiting for the interviewer to come and get me. The decor of the lobby and the office in general relies on Lava Lamps (a Chicago product). Hundreds of Lava Lamps The thoughts I had while waiting were, "How juvenile to think that owing a particular product makes the owner cool!" and, as a bill-paying father of teenage boys who never turn off the lights, "How wasteful to be spending all that money for that wattage!"...

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