04/17/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Pittsburgh's 28 Year Old Mayor, Luke Ravenstahl, Wants City To Back Hillary

Clinton may be in an uphill battle with Barack Obama for the youth vote, but she does have one young and key backer for the Pennsylvanian primary: Luke Ravenstahl, the 28 year old Mayor of Pittsburgh. The Washington Post reports:

At 28, the youngest big-city mayor in modern U.S. history has become one of Clinton's key backers in Pennsylvania, her top surrogate in its second-largest city and an effective rejoinder to the idea that Sen. Barack Obama, her rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, has a lock on young voters in the state.

A former football place kicker at Washington & Jefferson College in Washington, Pa., Ravenstahl, a Democrat, won a seat on the Pittsburgh City Council at age 23 and became the default council president two years later when rival factions could not agree on any other leader. In 2006, Mayor Bob O'Connor died of brain cancer, and Ravenstahl, then 26, by law became his successor.

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