04/25/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Tom Brokaw: I Tried To Warn Couric It Was "Harder Than It Looks"

Earlier this week Dan Rather told the Huffington Post's Rachel Sklar that he didn't think Katie Couric had "any idea what she was getting into" when she quit her gig at the "Today show to anchor "CBS Evening News". Rather said he reached out to Couric, but "nothing ever came of that."

Now Tom Brokaw has joined the fray. He says he also warned Couric that the switch from morning TV to prime time would be "harder than it looks." Brokaw jumped from the "Today" show to an evening anchor chair in 1983. In an interview with The Boston Herald he revealed:

"I told her when she left that it's a dive off the high board... This is harder than it looks, to go from the morning to the evening."

"I think that they made a number of mistakes in terms of how they marketed her and what their approach to the news was... But the last thing I'm going to do is get involved in Katie's business."

Read the entire interview here.