04/26/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Clinton's Odds: Time And Delegate Math Not In Her Favor

The calls are growing again for Hillary Clinton to recognize that her mathematical chances for winning the democratic nomination are low to none.

The AP just came out with an article that lays out the case, "Analysis: Time, Delegate Math Working Against Clinton."

Time is running out on Hillary Rodham Clinton, the long-ago front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination who now trails Barack Obama in delegates, states won and popular votes.

Compounding Clinton's woes, Obama appears on track to finish the primary campaign fewer than 100 delegates shy of the 2,025 needed to win.

DNC Chief Howard Dean's statements Thursday that superdelegates need to start making up their minds "now," doesn't bode well for Clinton either. Clinton supporters shot back against Dean today in an interview with TPM's Greg Sargent:

Two of Hillary Clinton's most prominent fundraisers tore into Howard Dean in interviews with me today, sharply criticizing the DNC chair for saying yesterday that super-delegates should say which Dem candidate they support "starting now."

"Governor Dean should do what he has said he will do -- refrain from injecting himself into the primary process, as millions of Democrats have yet to cast their votes," Hillary national finance chair Hassan Nemazee, one of the most influential fundraisers in the Democratic Party, told me today.

"If he wishes to do something productive," Nemazee continued, "he should exhibit the leadership necessary to resolve the Florida and Michigan impasse, which has disenfranchised millions of Democratic voters."