Fox Business Refuses To Release Ratings Numbers

04/29/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Fox Business Network, Rupert Murdoch's upstart business channel, has previously said that it might begin releasing its Nielsen rating data by now. But that's not going to happen, says TVNewser, and that's because Fox wants it that way. Why doesn't Fox want to share? Three reasons, none of which are mutually exclusive:

* Uh, no reason at all, says a Nielsen spokesperson. Somtimes new channels don't release their numbers for a year or more. Fox Biz (NWS) has only been up and running for six months.
* Fox thinks Nielsen's numbers are wrong; its top salesguy cites "accuracy issues."
* The logical conclusion: Fox Biz has miniscule numbers and doesn't want to be embarassed by them.

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