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Pelosi: Gas Tax Holiday Would Defeat Everything We're Doing To Lower Oil Costs

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Speaker Nancy Pelosi has come out strongly against the idea of a gas tax holiday, versions of which are being proposed by Sens. Clinton and McCain:

First of all, there's no reason to believe that any moratorium on the gas tax will be passed onto the consumer, first and foremost. This has not been the history, of a lowered gas tax being passed onto the consumer. Second of all, it would defeat everything we've been trying to do to lower the cost of oil. ... There are other remedies that are much better than that, and again, have a direct impact on the problem that we're trying to solve. I think the biggest answer to our challenges is to invest in renewable energy resources and to do it now.

The Clinton camp defended its call for a gas tax holiday, though HuffPost's Sam Stein reported that no experts can be found in support of such a policy.