05/13/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Cinco De Mayo: White People's Excuse To Let Loose

Hola, everybody! Happy Cinco De Mayo! Don't speak Spanish? Curious what all the fuss is about? Look no further because the answers to all your questions are right here.

Um, me no hablo español. What does "Cinco de Mayo" mean?

Cinco de Mayo is spanish for "the Cinco of Mayo." (Just kidding!) For reals this time: Cinco de Mayo means "the Fifth of May," and has nothing to do with actual mayo.

So, what's the big deal with the Fifth of May? What's there to celebrate?

Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day (nor is it a made-up American holiday). Cinco de Mayo celebrates the day that "4,000 Mexican soldiers smashed the French and traitor Mexican army of 8,000 at Puebla, Mexico, 100 miles east of Mexico City on the morning of May 5, 1862." You can also check out the Cinco de Mayo Wikipedia page for more Cinco de Mayo history.

You can also read what Representative Joe Baca has to say about the holiday in his post, Not Mexican Independence Day: Cinco de Mayo.

How does one celebrate Cinco De Mayo?

Well, the answer to that question depends on if you're over or under 21.

Under 21? Try some of these fun school-related Cinco de Mayo activities. You can also learn how to make a Cinco de Mayo pinata.

For the over-21 set, you can check out HuffPost contributors Jodi Lipper and Cerina Vincent's "Cinco de Mayo: 5 Suggestions For Celebrating Like You Mean It", including a great DIY-Guacamole recipe.

Mmmm...guacamole. Now I'm hungry. What other foods can one daydream about?

Try these great Cinco de Mayo food ideas, or check out some Cinco de Mayo recipes here.

Stop beating around the bush. What does one drink on Cinco de Mayo?

There is no shortage of Cinco de Mayo drink recipes. You can try Drink Mixer's official Cinco de Mayo drink, or try Yum Sugar's foolproof margarita and berry lemonade Cinco de Mayo drink recipes. Who doesn't like chocolate? Try this Mexican-style Hot Chocolate (served with or without alcohol)!
There's also every woman's personal favorite, thanks to none other than Bethenny of Real Housewives of New York fame, the Skinny Girl's Margarita:

What you'll need:

* 2 oz of clear Tequila (100% agave, Patron Silver)
* (count 1, 2 while you pour, no need for measuring)
* A splash of fresh lime juice
* A splash of Cointreau, Grand Marnier or Triple Sec

Combine all ingredients over a glass of ice
Garnish with a lime wedge and salt (or sugar) if you'd like.
Makes one serving

Now it's your turn to share Cinco de Mayo ideas. What are your favorite drink recipes? How do you plan on celebrating? Tell us in the comments below!