05/13/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Tom Cruise Celebrates "Risky Business" With Oprah - But The Film's Writer-Director Wasn't Invited

Today's Oprah, part two of a Tom Cruise special that started Friday, has been advertised as a 25th anniversary celebration of "Risky Business" and of Cruise's stardom. But no one told the seminal film's writer-director, reports Foxnews.com:

Paul Brickman, director and writer of "Risky Business," isn't involved in today's 25th anniversary celebration on "Oprah" with Tom Cruise. No once called him about it except me. Hmmm.

Brickman tells me there isn't even a DVD available of the movie for sale anymore. "We're working on a new one, but it's going slowly. I'm hoping Tom will come and do a commentary track with me soon." So far Brickman says most of the cast has been interviewed for a documentary that will be included. The target release date is later this year.

Before "Risky Business," Brickman had written a couple of films that had done well. He had a deal at Warner Bros. but no one wanted Risky Business there he said. So he took it to David Geffen's fledgling film company. Ironically, Geffen used Warner's as a distributor.

"I remember it was in very few theaters the first weekend. Warner's was concentrating on 'Cujo.' But then word of mouth spread, and there were long lines."

Cruise was 19 when Brickman hired him. It was pre-Scientology, pre-Mimi Rogers, pre-everything. "No one had heard of him. But it was pretty obvious from the beginning he was going to be a star. He'd done Taps. I told him his life was going to change radically."

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