05/16/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Edwards' Campaign Manager Endorses Obama

David Bonior, 2008 campaign manager Sen. John Edwards, will endorse Sen. Barack Obama today during a conference call. Bonior is also a former Michigan congressman with a strong influence among labor unions. His statement:

"John Edwards ran a campaign focused on fulfilling a promise to America's working families that they could once again trust their leaders to put them first. As I look at the presidential race as it stands today, I see one candidate who has proven he can bring the kind of change to Washington that will mean more jobs, better pay for American workers, and health care for every single American. That candidate is Barack Obama.

"This is a critical election in our nation's history. For too long, Wall Street lobbyists and special interests have blocked real change for hardworking Americans. Senator Obama is the candidate who can take on the Wall Street lobbyists and make sure Washington works for working families again. Senator Obama has been fighting for working families ever since he moved to Chicago more than twenty years ago to help turn around communities that were struggling after the local steel plants closed.

"Tuesday was a critical moment in this race. Because Barack Obama continues to run a positive campaign that focuses on the issues that matter to ordinary Americans, he has won a commanding lead in this race, and I believe he can and will defeat John McCain in November. Now is the time to unite behind Barack Obama so we can end business-as-usual in Washington and fulfill our moral obligation to America's hardworking families."

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