05/22/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hoyer Pokes Fun Of House GOP, Anti-Depressant Co-Branding Effort

As we learned earlier this week, the electoral hopes of the GOP have grown so dim that the House Republicans have turned to psychopharmacology to help get them through each day. Hence, the hijacking of the slogan "the change you deserve" from its original source, the anti-anxiety medication Effexor.

The House Republicans, having gotten word of this inadvertent and unfortunate bit of co-branding, have no intention of giving up the slogan, which makes sense, given everything we know of the clingy tendencies engendered by bitterness. Unfortunately for them, the Effexor joke is a gift that just keeps right on giving. The proof of that is now even Steny Hoyer is riffing on the matter with comedic deftness:


HOYER: This morning, as I understand it, House Republican Leaders are supposed to roll out their latest "re-branding" effort under the slogan "change you deserve." ...

"Change you deserve" is of course a trademark of a an antidepressant. It does have side effects...it can make you sick. 82% of Americans have indicated that they are sick and tired of the policies that have been pursued by the Bush/Boehner Administration and they want a change.

Last night, we saw that the voters in the Mississippi's first Congressional sought the change they deserved, by voting for Democrat Travis Childers.

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