06/25/2008 04:49 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Obama Hamas Smear: Clinton Says It Shouldn't Be Taken Seriously

Hillary Clinton appeared on the Situation Room today to weigh in on the state of the race. Below are a few highlights.

On Hamas' Obama endorsement:

BLITZER: Here is what McCain said about Barack Obama and I want to get your reaction. He said, "I think," this is McCain, "I think it's very clear who Hamas wants to be the next president of the United States. I think people should understand that I would be Hamas' worst nightmare. If Senator Obama is favored by Hamas, I think people can make judgments accordingly." McCain was referring to a statement by the North American spokesman for Hamas endorsing, in effect, Barack Obama. Is McCain right?

CLINTON: No, I think that that's really an overstatement, an exaggeration of any kind of political meaning and I don't think that anybody should take that seriously.

BLITZER: Do you have confidence that Barack Obama as president would be a strong supporter of Israel?

CLINTON: Yes, I do, I believe that that would be the policy of the United States and it's been our policy for 60 years.

On her reference to an AP story about Obama's support among white voters:

BLITZER: Now, your great friend and supporter Congressman Charlie Rangel said and I'm quoting now. "It's the dumbest thing you could have said."

CLINTON: Well, he's probably right.

BLITZER: Explain.

CLINTON: Well, absolutely. I was referencing an AP article and obviously I have worked very hard to get the votes of everyone and I have campaigned hard, I understand that we've got to put together a broad coalition in order to win in the fall. We've got to get to that 270 electoral vote margin and I know Senator Obama has worked hard to reach out to every community and constituency.

On remaining in the race:

BLITZER: So you're staying in at least through May 31st and June 3rd...

CLINTON: That's right.

BLITZER: ... which is the last -- you're not going anywhere.

CLINTON: I'm not going anywhere, Wolf...

BLITZER: All right.

CLINTON: ... except to Kentucky and Oregon, and Montana, South Dakota, and Puerto Rico.

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