05/23/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

"Access Hollywood," "Today" Shows Fight Over Angelina Jolie Twins Exclusive

There's tension inside NBC Universal this morning after yesterday's Natalie Morales interview with Angelina Jolie (where she revealed that yes, Brangelina is having twins).

Wednesday's press release described the interview as appearing on both the "Access Hollywood" and "Today" shows (both NBC Universal programs):

In an interview that took place in Cannes on Wednesday with the "Today" show's Natalie Morales, airing tonight on Access Hollywood and tomorrow on "Today," Angelina confirmed the baby news that has been rumored for months.

But as Page Six reveals, "Today" show Executive Producer Jim Bell was "livid" at "Access Hollwood" Executive Producer Rob Silverstein, who was reportedly meant to tease, but not steal the Jolie exclusive (filmed with and paid for by the "Today" show):

Sources said the Jolie interview was released to "Access" only so it could air a teaser promoting the "Today" segment, but "Access" posted a transcript of the whole interview yesterday afternoon. " 'Today' paid to fly Natalie Morales to Cannes and 'Access' screwed them," said one insider. "Jim and Rob exchanged words. Rob had to be told off, but the situation was resolved favorably."

Read the entire Page Six item, including the requisite spokesperson denials, here.