06/05/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Clinton's Latest Primary Strategy: A T-Shirt Contest?

Via Ana Marie Cox comes the news that the Clinton campaign has announced the finalists for some sort of T-Shirt contest, loosely modeled on Project Runway, that solicited designs that might help the Clinton campaign "make it work" even as the looming political reality seems to anticipate that Clinton might get the "auf wiedersehen" in a matter of days. Bad timing? Certainly, one would imagine that a campaign t-shirt contest might have been the sort of thing a campaign might run at the beginning of the primary season, but, as Cox astutely points out, "Notice that only one of them mentions the year ''08.'"

Anyway, t-shirt lovers are free to vote on five designs, which include a black and white slogan, a Warholian-print design, and a pants-suit t-shirt design that recalls the insanely popular tuxedo t-shirt of the 1980s. Also, note the detail of design #5, which makes up the word "Hillary" out of a cloud of smaller words that refer to the residents of the United States. By all appearances, the detail includes words like "Iowans...Connecticutians...South Carolinians...Georgians." But I thought those states weren't important!