06/11/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Maureen Dowd: A Reader's Guide

Finally, Maureen Dowd has weighed in on Scott McClellan's book. But we don't need to tell you that--naturally by now you've read her insightful commentary on it in Sunday's New York Times. But how well do you know your MoDo? Her analysis is so deep, only a mind that is continually sharpened and trained can get all the wisdom nuggets out of it. See how you're doing with our 23/6 Maureen Dowd Reader's Guide.

1. Dowd leads with:

"They say that every president gets the psychoanalyst he deserves. And every Hamlet gets his Rosencrantz."

What does this mean?

a) Dowd has read a Shakespeare play.

b) Dowd wants you to know she's read a Shakespeare play.

c) Dowd is very smart and also very "literary."

d) Nothing.

Answer: all of the above.