MySpace To Release Major Site Redesign

06/21/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

News Corp.'s MySpace is set to release a major redesign next week, company representatives said late Thursday evening. The site doesn't look that different; it's still clearly MySpace. But a number of features have been revamped to improve user experience: namely, the homepage, navigation tools, profile editor, search features, and the MySpaceTV player.

A formal release is set to go out on Monday, and the first new features will show up on the site on Wednesday.

The redesign effort has been under way for more than six months, with the goals of appealing to a broader demographic and letting users interact with the site more (i.e. keeping them around), and has involved in-home studies for testing purposes.

The relaunch of the homepage proper has been kept somewhat under wraps, likely because a "major" advertiser is set to take over the site when it debuts. But MySpace has been liberal with the details of most of the other new improvements. They're not particularly revolutionary, but should still do a thing or two to combat user experience complaints on the social network.

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