Josef Fritzl's Sex Dungeon Becomes Sick Austrian Tourist Attraction

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Smiling and joking for the camera, these are the tourists no town would seek to attract.

This group of ghouls are pictured outside the home of Josef Fritzl, the Austrian man who kept his daughter Elisabeth and the children he incestuously fathered with her imprisoned in its cellar.

Two police officers are now permanently stationed at the house in Amstetten in a bid to deter this sort of behaviour from visitors with a sick taste for the macabre.

Late last week the officers let Fritzl's 68-year-old wife Rosemarie into her old home, where she had lived from the age of 17.

Mrs Fritzl, who has said she never wants to live in the 'tainted' house again, and another woman spent an hour gathering clothes and other personal effects.

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