How To Eat Fresh and Local

06/25/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

On Greensburg, city manager Steve Hewitt decides to rebuild his devastated city green. He says one of the main inspirations for going green is that Greensburg is an agriculture town and that it's in the town's spirit with all the wide open spaces. And he's right. Agriculture is an integral cornerstone to going green. Here are three ways you can support a town like Greensburg near you and go green.

Buy local - there are a number of reasons to buy local food, not the least of which is supporting your local farmers. Small farms tend to lean towards organic growing practices and more often eschew harmful pesticides and preservatives (see below). Look into programs like Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and see what sort of produce you can pick up locally.

Buy organic food - Though you hear the term 'organic food' all the time, you might not know that it actually refers to a specific, official certification process for the food - and that's partly why it's more expensive. So what does it mean? Well, a number of things: fruits and vegetables must be grown without the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers, and they must be chemical preservative free. A farm must go through a lengthy process, to get certified, so show your support for their dedication and eat organic (it's healthier too!)

Go to Farmers' markets - These are a longtime staple of green living - and have been since long before anyone was concerned with green living. Support local farmers, find fresh food, and participate in your community. Plus, it's just plain old fun to peruse the produce and chat with your neighbors (even if you live somewhere like New York), as farmers tend to love what they do. So locate a farmers' market near you, and find the freshest food around.

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