Michelle Obama on the View: A Gold Mine of Potential Headlines

06/27/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Yesterday, Michelle Obama was on "The View," putting her best First Lady-face forward and talking with the ladies about life on the campaign trail, family, fashion, what she has in common with Elisabeth Hasselbeck and why she prefers bare legs. NY's Daily Intelligencer live-blogged it and concluded that it was a solid performance but "wasn't necessarily headline-making." We disagreed, because all sorts of potential headlines kept jumping out at us as the conversation evolved. Here are a few of them:


"Michelle Obama Fist Bumps With View Ladies" (this is actually what HuffPo went with) (Related story: "Fist Bump Goes Mainstream With Older Ladies!")

"Michelle Obama: Yes, I Can (Be Proud Of My Country)"

"Michelle Obama Reaches Out To 'Funny, Great Mom' Elisabeth Hasselbeck: 'This Girl Is Solid'"
(possible offshoot down the line: "Is Elisabeth Hasselbeck an Obamicon?")

Return To Camelot? "View" Ladies Compare Michy O. To Jackie O.

"Michelle Obama's Olive Branch To Hillary? Thanks Her For Those '18 Million Cracks'"

Michelle Obama on Sexism In Media: 'People Aren't Used To Strong Women'"

Michelle Sidesteps Hillary V.P. Question: "I Have Nothing To Do With That!"

Pro-Obama headline: "Michelle Obama Proud of America: "Nowhere but in America could my story be possible!'"

Anti-Obama headline: "Angry Michelle Obama Is 'Taking Some Cues' From 'Calm, Rational' Laura Bush (But Don't Call It A Makeover!)"

Race Relations:

"Michelle Obama: One Black Person Does Not Mean Diversity"

"Michelle Obama: Sexism And Racism In The Campaign"

"Whoopi: Michelle Obama Is Helping To Change Perceptions Of Black Women" (cheeky blog version: "Whoopi To Michelle: Thank God You've Got All Your Teeth")


"Michelle Obama: Sleeveless!" (or "Get Michelle Obama's Toned, Tight Arms!")

"MIchelle Obama's Flower Power! How To Get Her Look"

"Michelle Obama: 'It's Fun To Look Pretty'"

"Michelle Obama Doesn't Wear Pantyhose" (runner up: "Michelle Obama Takes Feminist Stand Against 'Painful' Pantyhose") (also, "Media Sexism Alert! ABC Lingers On Michelle Obama's Legs on The View)


"Michelle Obama On Family Breakfast: 'We're Bacon People'"

"Michelle Obama: My Mom Won $17,000 In Vegas!"

(or, from the religious right: "Michelle Obama's Den of Sin: Encourages Gambling, Bare Legs")


"Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Detailed Baby List: Is She Neurotic Or Are You A Bad Mother?"

"Matthew Broderick's Son Endorses Barack Obama! (He's Five)"

- or, the more awkward version -

"Matthew Broderick's Sexist Son: 'He Likes The Man To Beat The Lady'"