Armani's Catwalk To Enlightenment (PHOTOS)

07/11/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011
  • Guy Trebay NY Times

AT the finale of the Armani men's wear presentation in Milan 10 days ago, the lights in the theater suddenly went dark. When they flashed on again, the runway was filled with models striking poses in the Indian-inspired dhotis, band-collared jackets and vivid silks that were a major theme of the collection. Out went the lights again as the models hustled to get into yoga poses on the floor. When the illumination returned, all the pretties were facing the head of the runway, where Giorgio Armani was bathed in a pool of light, arms raised as if he were a fashion guru.

Mr. Armani may as well have been chanting a mantra on the lips of many in the fashion business lately. Not as euphonious as om shanti shanti, the words "IndiaEmergingMarket," run together, seem destined to produce inner bliss in the minds of designers seeking new brand frontiers.