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Lindsay Graham Emerging As McCain's One-Man Kitchen Cabinet

First Posted: 07- 5-08 08:44 PM   |   Updated: 07-13-08 05:12 AM

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John Mccain And Graham

McClatchy Newspapers:

If Andrew Jackson created the notion of a president's "Kitchen Cabinet," Sen. John McCain is reinventing it months before his possible election to the White House.

And Sen. Lindsey Graham seems to be McCain's one-man Kitchen Cabinet.

Graham's visibility as the Arizona senator's closest political confidant has risen in recent weeks as the two men crisscross the country and travel abroad on McCain's presidential quest.

"There's nobody I trust more than Lindsey Graham," McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, said by phone Thursday from Mexico City. "I'm honored to have him travel with me and give me the counsel I need."

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