08/09/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

McCain Camp Happy To Inject Racial Tension Into Latest Web Ad


John McCain's advisers are doing their best to convince media outlets that they're not interested in talking about race ever again, though that message might become more difficult to push if they keep sending out new web ads meant to stir up racial uncertainty about Barack Obama.

No, not among white people, but Latinos.

Perhaps it's meant to be all in good fun. But someone at McCain HQ evidently thinks it's really important that, in his speech from Berlin, Barack Obama neglected to cite a Latin American country.

The new web ad, which features exclusively Spanish-language super-titles and a saucy Latin percussion rhythm, is entitled: "Barack Obama Forgot Latin America."

There exists some debate as to whether the oft-mentioned "black-brown divide" in politics is actually an active phenomenon or a simplistic media creation. But with lines such as "maybe he forgot about us," it would appear McCain is sending out a few signals just in case it's true.


Another point of potential humor: at first blush, the negative reaction to Obama's speech in conservative circles was focused around the "citizen of the world" line. Now, apparently, Obama is at fault for not citing enough foreign nations in his speech.

English and Spanish-language scripts for the ad below:

English Script For "Barack Obama Forgot Latin America" (WEB 1:00)

CHYRON: The World According To Barack Obama

BARACK OBAMA: Tonight I speak to you not as a candidate for President, but as a citizen; a proud citizen of the United States and a fellow citizen of the world.

CHYRON: But Entire Nations Were Forgotten!

BARACK OBAMA: France, Berlin, Hamburg, Britain, Kandahar, London, Rwanda, Iran, Bangladesh...

CHYRON: Where Was Latin America Left?

BARACK OBAMA: Karachi, Beijing, the former Soviet Union, Pakistan, Paris, Bali, Russia, Chad, Zimbabwe...

CHYRON: And Latinos?

BARACK OBAMA: Afghanistan, Somalia, Darfur, Belfast, South Africa, Madrid, Europe, Burma, Amman...

CHYRON: Maybe He Forget About Us?

JOHN MCCAIN: I'm John McCain and I approve this message.

Spanish Script For "Barack Obama Olvid America Latina" (WEB 1:00)

CHYRON: El Mundo De Acuerdo A Barack Obama

BARACK OBAMA: Esta noche no les hablo como un candidato para Presidente, sino como un ciudadano; un orgulloso ciudadano de los Estados Unidos y un ciudadano ms del mundo.

CHYRON: Pero Naciones Enteras Fueron Olvidadas!

BARACK OBAMA: Francia, Berln, Hamburgo, Gran Bretaa, Kandajar, Londres, Rwanda, Iran, Bangladesh...

CHYRON: Y Donde Qued America Latina?

BARACK OBAMA: Karachi, Beijing, La Antigua Unin Sovietica, Pakistan, Paris, Bali, Rusia, Chad, Zimbabwe...

CHYRON: Y Los Latinos?

BARACK OBAMA: Afganistan, Somalia, Darfur, Belfast, Africa de Sur, Madrid, Europa, Burma, Amman...

CHYRON: Ser Que Se Olvid De Nosotros?

JOHN MCCAIN: Soy John McCain y apruebo este mensaje.


LATE UPDATE: Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and former U.S. Secretary of Transportation Federico Peña have issued the following statement in response to McCain's ad:

"Once again, this is just another low road attempt by John McCain to distract from his own record on Latino issues by making false attacks on Barack Obama. On a day when our economy lost another 51,000 jobs and when Latino families all over the country are struggling, John McCain chose the low road rather than offering a real plan for the Latino community. What is clear is that Barack Obama has fought for issues Latinos care about for the past 20 years as a community organizer, Illinois State legislator, US Senator and as President he will continue his fight for comprehensive immigration reform, education equality and healthcare for everyone."