I Am Rich iPhone App Totally Useless, Costs $1,000, For Jerks

09/06/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

**UPDATE** The "I Am Rich" app has been removed from the app store. Silicon Alley Insider has more.


While many of the apps in Apple's (AAPL) iPhone App Store are useful, some are utter crap. And the latest, spotted by John Gruber, is an insult to all the well-meaning developers that Apple made wait/are still waiting to get into the iPhone developer program.

i-am-rich-screen.jpgBehold: "I Am Rich," a $999.99 app from Armin Heinrich, which just displays a red gem on the phone's screen -- nothing else.


Not rich? Knit an iPhone. Or just be glad you're not being tracked by Big Brother, who by the way is making you into GPS performance art.

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