09/08/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Martin Bashir Video: Calls Obama "Old Dirty Bastard Barack," "Great White Fear Of The Dark Phallus: Big Black Barack"

As if his comments on "Asian babes" and the erection they gave him wasn't enough, Martin Bashir also made racially-charged comments about Barack Obama at the UNITY conference celebrating diversity among journalists:

We're of course in the middle of the Presidential process in America, and it's wonderful as someone who was born in the United Kingdom to observe the American media's reporting, and in particular the difficulties that the American media has had with the presumptive Democratic nominee for President.

People have had problems with his name. So so far we've had him described as "Barack Osama," we've had "Baby Father Obama," we've had "Barack Saddam Hussein Obama." But I was reflecting earlier today on the fact that we ought really to go a bit further, and I was wondering about whether we could introduce a hip hop reference and connect him to, for example, the Wu Tang Clan. And we could call him "Old Dirty Bastard Barack." Or why not the "Great White Fear of the Dark Phallus:
Big Black Barack."