What Big News Weekend? Submerging In The UCB Del Close Marathon

09/11/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

It turned out to be one of those big news weekends in August — you know, the ones that always seem to happen that everyone always professes surprise about — the kind that results in appointment viewing and water cooler buzz. But for a small slice of the New York population, that appointment viewing was spread across a few stages in Chelsea (and one in midtown), and it was filled from Friday afternoon to Sunday night with people walking out on stage totally unprepared. It was the Upright Citizen Brigade's annual Del Close Marathon and for the NYC comedy community (and hangers-on, where we proudly find ourselves), it was the only thing going on.

ETP was there (see above, and here and here) and, because of our special theory that comedy and media are more closely tied together than anyone really is willing to admit (see our consistent - some might say incessant - coverage of SNL/the Daily Show/the Colbert Report), we'll be bringing you some of the choicest bits over the day, in addition to analysis based on the latest reports/developments in the Edwards scandal, because come on, that's become appointment television, too (as in, all the Sunday shows had an appointment with the Edwards scandal this week. Believe it, Chris Wallace.) In the meantime, here's one of the outstanding moments of the weekend, from the improvised musical "Death of a Bureaucrat" by musical improv troupe Baby Wants Candy, a song that doesn't require knowing the backstory of the 1984-esque dystopic world of red tape and haunted government offices to relate to the sweet imaginings of a young girl before her wedding day. Featuring 30 Rocks' Jack McBrayer and I Eat Pandas' Eliza Skinner. Enjoy!

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