Netflix Shipping Delays Caused By Faulty Technology

09/14/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Not a great week for major digital services. Gmail went down -- briefly -- earlier this week and caused a commotion among some of the more frequent email users on the Web and now Netflix shipping problems are affecting users across the country. From Epicenter:

Netflix suffered its first prolonged outage in the company's history this week. The shipping system unexpectedly went down, and the company hasn't identified the root cause yet.

In the meantime, only a portion of DVDs have shipped since Tuesday. (Some DVDs shipped yesterday, but no DVDs have shipped today, and no DVDs shipped on Tuesday.)

A commenter in on the Gmail outage story pointed out that Defcon, a hacker convention in Las Vegas, was taking place this week, so we provide you here with two video options. One is a brief, documentary-style meet-the-hackers video, and the other is the obviously very realistic trailer for the film "Hackers," which you cannot currently have shipped to you from Netflix, starring Matthew Lillard as Matthew Lillard.



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