Freecycling: Save Dough, Save Stuff

09/15/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Freecycling is a phenomenon that enables people to give unneeded but usable items to others at no cost. Whether you call it ethical shopping, sustainable giving, sharing, waste reclamation or simply free stuff, this grass roots movement with over 5 million members started as an effort to promote waste reduction and prevent unnecessary clogging of landfills.

There are myriad freecycle links:

* Locate a Freecycle Network near you by using the original freecycle database.

* Yahoo offers a search engine of FREE IS GOOD listings.

* Use this recycle group finder to locate a trading center.

* Check for the closest Free Reuse meetup group near you.

* Ecoflip offers Green Classifieds and even EcoPersonals.

* Virtual Dumpsters is an online swap that enables users to locate items through an RSS alert option.

* Find a Yahoo Freecycle news group near you.

* Free Computer Recycling.

* Find a clothing swap event near you.

* Zip car is a leading car sharing company. Find a zip car location near you. Read about Zipcar's green benefits.

* RideAmigos is a database of taxi ride share requests.

Interesting Links:

* The Berkeley, California Public Library offers a tool lending library.

* Read about the Freecycle Treasures users have received and reused such as pickling jars, fabric scraps for quilting and even a cat!

* A local freecycle spinoff was started in Catalonia, Spain.


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