09/22/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Best Business Twitter Feeds: Microblogging The Money Of The World

Twitter, the free micro-blogging and social networking site, enables its readers to (among other things) chat about stock news and share tips. The site's 2 million users discuss, in 140 words or less, the constant stream of local, international and social news.


* Stock Twits' twitter provides live updates of personalized stocks and informs readers of the most discussed stocks of the day.

* Check out the stockpicks twitter for top stock prices and news.

* Blogging Stocks' twitter offers stock and business news updates.

* IRWebreport's twitter synthesizes all international investor relations news from its website.

* Stock Alert's twitter compiles business news updates in conjunction with its associate twitter BreakingNewsOn.


* The Economist's twitter provides frequent news updates.

* The Financial Times' twitter compiles international business news.

* Forbes' Twitter functions as an RSS.

* The Conde Nast Portfolio Magazine's twitter is based on news from the business magazine's website.

* The MarketWatch twitter informs readers of breaking business bulletins.

* MSNBC's Business twitter enables viewers to follow financial and business news from MSNBC.

* The Reuters Business twitter notifies followers of live business news.

* The USA TODAY money twitter reports on the latest financial, economic, business and personal finance news.

* The Wall Street Journal twitter offers excerpts of top news headlines.


* The RIMM Stock twitter gives updates on Blackberry and Treo products.

* The APPL Stock twitter streams product news and stock updates.

* GOOGStock features excerpts of stock news.

* MSFTstock compiles Microsoft news stories.

* EBAYstock's twitter provides readers with constant stock updates.


* PMarcaBlog's twitter includes newsfeeds from its namesake business blog.

* Blogger Brad DeLong maintains a business twitter.

* paidContent's twitter features business news from its European markets blog.

* China Stock Digest's twitter notifies followers of news on the stock exchange and stock analysis from its website.

* Blog Seeking Alpha covers market news on its MarketCurrents twitter.


* The Penny Stock twitter provides readers with tips based on discussion from the site's investor forums.

* Stock Tickr's twitter offers opinion based business news from its website.

* Sharpe Investing's twitter is based on the experience of an intern blogger working at the Hedge Fund's offices.

* The QualityStocks twitter compiles continuous stock recommendations.

* ValueInvesting features news updates from its website

There are, of course, many individuals who tweet all day long about the markets, like @dogwood, @howardlindzon, @StockJockey and countless others. If you're one of them, toss your Twitter username in the comments for all to see...


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