11/08/2008 06:18 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Off To Denver! Some Airport Prognosticating, And A Whole Lotta Nothing

GREETINGS FROM DENVER! We just landed after a Veepstakes-filled flight, enjoying JetBlue's in-house live TV programming and delicious blue terra chips. Wow, whole lotta news about nothing, eh? I loved the "BREAKING NEWS" chyrons on the networks promising an imminent text message. Well, now we know: It's buh-Bayh to Evan Bayh and No Kaine Do to Tim Kaine, as the press are just Biden they're time camped out on Joe Biden's lawn. We did the mile-high live-blog thing in the air but then we lost power so look forward to that later. (Oh, by the way, "we" is myself, Glynnis MacNicol or FishbowlNY and Keli Goff, author of Party Crashing: How The Hip-Hop Generation Declared Political Independence, trying to pre-game the Veepstakes just before climbing on a wireless-free flight to Denver.

Amazingly, the situation on the ground is pretty much exactly the same as it was when we left — you'd never know it by the breathless coverage — special Larry King Live at midnight! — but that's okay, because tomorrow morning everyone will wake up to the Text Message of Change and one more question of this long fun campaign will have been answered. Then the press can go back to camping out on Romney's lawn. Ha, ha. Oh please let it be Romney, I am dying to make a "Who Let The Dogs Out?" joke.

Anyhow, like I said, there has thus far been no change on the ground, except for the fact that the ground is now in DENVER! ETP will be here for the whole convention, and then on to Minneapolis for the RNC (otherwise known as That Other Convention Without Real Celebrities), and we can't wait to bring you ever details from the Mile High City (yes, get ready for numerous Mile High puns). So stay tuned!

For now, enjoy Glynnis and I in, shall we say, our natural habitat in the lovely sunset-lit waiting area in JFK. Just in case you needed a little bit more theorizing about who might be VP!

Update: It's Biden! Well, alrighty then.